A full-service financial and operational advisory consulting firm, Terrastone Financial Consulting (TFC) provides corporate recovery, litigation, investigative and intelligence services, valuation, interim management, distressed M&A and capital rising, due diligence and technology advisory services on a global basis.

The Terrastone Finance Services LLC provides the highest quality management consulting services to governments, health care providers, transit authorities, utilities, and private-sector clients.

Our Consulting division is comprised of two groups that operate independently, yet share a similar objective – to provide sound and objective advice that can help ensure clients’ future success.

The Terrastone Finance Services LLC., is recognized as one of the finest financial and business consulting firms in our market niches. They include:

Financial Advisory Consulting
Financial Engineering
Operational Analysis
Financial Strategic Planning
Business Strategic Planning
Terrastone consultants have a good combined practical experience in different economical and financial areas and succeed in combining different financial formulas into different financial engineering tasks.
We at Terrastone Finance always consider engineering a main backbone for anything we have and own in this life. For that, we have concentrated into studying the methodology of engineering then the engineering of different business sectors to apply our studies into different new businesses and existing firms.

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