Foreign Exchange

Spot Foreign Exchange (F.X)

Spot Foreign Exchange (F.X) is the transaction of buying and selling of currencies with two business day’s normal delivery after dealing date. This is most commonly used by importers and exporters corporations as well as individuals who are looking to cover their foreign exchange exposure.

No minimum transactions on commercial transactions. Foreign Exchange spot orders, minimum amount is 100,000 of base currency or equivalent amount in liquid currencies per transaction.

Forward Foreign Exchange (F.X)

Buy and sale of currencies can be delivered in the future at a fixed date at a pre-agreed-price. This delivery date is purely at the mutual agreement of the transacting parties. Forward rates (Swap points) are quoted either at a premium or a discount from spot exchange rate.

With the exchange rate is fixed at the same time of contract, corporation and individuals often use it to offset or hedge against their future exchange exposures. Amounts to deal are subject to client forward foreign exchange line with Terrastone Financial Services.

Tenor and delivery date can be customized to serve client business need. Exchange exposure can be reduced by fixing rates in advance as clients can project their cash flow to facilitate accurate budgeting.

Trading Currencies.

At Terrastone Financial Services we offer dealing in all Major Currencies and Crosses, European, North American, Middle Eastern and Asian currencies.

Foreign Exchange desk is one of the active desks at Terrastone Financial Services; it provides spot, forward, NDF, And currency swaps at a very competitive and an expeditious way. All kind Of orders such as Daylight, Overnight , GTC, Stop loss, Profit taking, and conditional Orders.


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